Milan is the capital city of classic Italian aperitif and GinO12 is the place where this ritual is especially pleasant.


The first Gin Bar
in Milan

In a dedicated space cut off from the dinner areas and enhanced by dim lights and red brick walls, our wide Gin Bar can serve Gin Tonic, handcrafted cocjtails and appetizers for about fourty comfortably-seated guests.

But even if you choose to lean on our spectacular handmade cast iron counter overlooking our typical Milan environment (Officina 12 once was a boat workshop dating back to the late 19th Century) mixed with a classic New York furniture, you can easily stay up until late savoring our Gins from all over the world, wrapped up in a soft but peculiar musical background.

But that’s not all. If you love to sip your drink in the green open of a typical 19th Century courtyard, you can sit down in our private garden.

Happy hours at GinO12 are served from 7 pm until 9.30 pm, while you can have your last glass filled at 1.30 am.

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